Saturday, April 13, 2013

new growth

The large sycamore in my back yard is blooming:

A few weeks ago, I pruned back the yellow climbing rose bush and the red hybrid tea rose bush. I gave them some early Miracle Gro for Roses to drink. They are both getting ready to bloom:

yellow climbing

red hybrid tea

Two weeks ago, I transplanted my beautiful white grandiflora rose bush. I wanted it in my front yard flower bed. I think it's going to live -- two buds are now on the stalk. That will be cool for me. My mother's St. Francis garden figurine is watching over the rose bush. I need to weed out some spring clovery-type weeds in the bed and then add some top soil, peat moss, and bark mulch. Both of my front beds need some refurbishing. Then, I'll plant some moss rose and some purple petunias. In the narrow bed where the fairy figurine is watching over the red hybrid tea rose, I'll plant some "Black Beauty" Hollyhock seeds next month.

transplanted white grandiflora

Maybe in the fall, I'll remember to order some tulip bulbs and then plant them. I've forgotten to do so every fall for 20 years.

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