Saturday, April 13, 2013

a "new" room

After my daughter moved out, her bedroom became a catch-all for this and that, junk and whatnot. Recently, I decided to do something about that. I kept on display some of her stuff that she hasn't taken yet and then worked in some of my stuff. Now the room is a kind of guest bed, stereo listening, and library. It's very restful, when the lights are dimmed. I like being in there.

I had built the DVD shelves for her a few years ago.

Oops, I forgot to smooth out the wrinkles in the bed comforter before taking photo!

A unit to hold my 250 classical music CDs, which I painted light blue just because.

Another bookcase, in a different room.


  1. You should start a B&B.

    Next time in the US, I'll bring my wife and kids! ;)

  2. My first question will be, "where's that book on Heidegger you mentioned?" Then I'll secretly stash some Popper books around the place ... ;)

  3. It's in the bookshelf on the left. Second shelf from the top. Fourth book from the left. :)