Thursday, February 7, 2013

oh my god...

I'm 60, and I've just discovered the Russian lyric poet Sergei Yesenin (Esenin). Why am I such an ignoramus?

This is a poem the title of which I don't know, and it reaches me:

Beloved country! The heart dreams
The heaps of the sun in the lap of the water
I would like to lose
In your green space of a hundred bells
In the wake, the bulge of the earth,
There reseda and there is the role of clover.
It resonates with the rosary
The willows - myths monachine.
The marsh smoke clouds
Smell of burning in the balance of the sky.
With a quiet mystery to someone
I hid in my heart thoughts.
I welcome all, I accept all,
Content and happy to donate blood.
I came on this earth,
To leave as soon as possible. (1914)

This is the kind of poem that makes me want to write a poem about this poem. I'll try my best to restrain myself.

And here's an essay at THE INK BRAIN.

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