Sunday, February 3, 2013

I can't afford it, but...

...maybe you can.

I somehow found myself on the webpage of the Berlin Philharmonic. Then I found myself on their "Digital Concert Archive" page. It said to register for free and then some of the videos would be available free. I did so.

Turns out, the free ones are only interviews related to the main concert videos. Of course, you do get a free concert preview -- three minutes of brief excepts from the main concert videos. Looks like you can pay for various degrees of access to the main concert videos. Full access for one year is $185, which also includes some live concerts.

The videos are in superb filmic and sonic quality. It's the Berlin Philharmonic, for crying out loud!

Here's the main page link:

Berlin Philharmonic

Here's the link to the "Concert Hall" --

Concert Hall

Here's the link to the "Digital Concert Archive" --

Concert Archive

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