Friday, December 14, 2012

the second amendment

North Korea is not planning a Red Dawn invasion of the USA. The United Nations is not in league with aliens to abduct Americans and put in place a reptilian tyranny. President Obama is not going to release onto these shores a secret horde of Communist Kenyans.

The USA is not under any threat of invasion.

The second amendment, in my opinion, was put in place as a measure against possible invasion of a free state -- the free states, in coordination, having militias to repel militant trespass of our national sovereignty. A well regulated militia is each state's National Guard under direction of each state's governor. The Supreme Court's ruling to the contrary is stupid. The NRA is stupider.

Therefore, the only weapons ordinary citizens should legally own are:

1) single-shot .22 rifle for plinking or rabid varmints.

2) single-shot .12 gauge for home protection.

3) longbow and arrows for hunting game.

4) pair of black-powder dueling pistols for settling honorable disputes.

That should cover it. Case closed.

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