Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Structure contains information. Lack of structure -- toward entropy, say -- is dearth of data, a collapse of intrinsic mathematical or any kind of relations.

Galaxies are distributed as great, seemingly random, structures. Their situatedness denotes a series of relations (one galaxy to another in particular thereness and syntax of distance), hence of mathematical, logical information.

What can we make of the info? Not much. But that the distribution of galaxies and of all things forms a context of structure points to an ur-language or cosmological semantics...or a moan of substances and processes into desperate, groping shapes. Of an originary, now time-lost impulse to "speak" via data-rich arrays. Speak about what?

That's too much for me to think about. I'll stop thinking about that stuff now. Except for this last flourish:

there is an implicitly symbolic aspect to Worldness, thus a mystical aspect. Wittgenstein said as much.

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