Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Great Depression

Another one of my country twangers.

Words & Music -- Tim Buck
All parts -- also me

The Great Depression

Well, I'd been scratchin' out an existence
in the middle of a big nowhere,
when that dust came out of the west,
bringing tears and black despair.

I was sittin' there in a stupor,
pickin' my guitar on the porch,
when that wind came suddenly on me,
sounding like a million crows.

That storm picked me off my feet.
I hovered and I breathed it in.
Then it knocked me down to earth.
I lost my peace and I gained chagrin.

Now I'm going away empty handed.
Standing in the breadline waiting for a crumb to fall.
I'm going away empty empty handed.
This ain't no recession, it feels like the great depression.

Maybe I will join that sad caravan
of lovers who have lost their way.
Who just stumble aimlessly onward,
hoping for a new deal day.

But something tells me this is forever.
Might as well hop a hobo train.
Might as well cry as I remember
her wind through my heart strings.

I was lifted fer a moment.
I even thought that I could fly.
But I misunderstood the physics.
That zephyr was just passing by.

Now I'm going away empty handed.
The grapes of wrath would taste sweet by comparison.
I'm going away empty handed.
Just a simple question – how do you get through a great depression?

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