Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dusan Djukaric -- watercolor artist

Dusan Djukaric -- watercolor artist

Discovering the watercolors of Dusan Djukaric has been a kind of "homecoming" for me. How else to put it, when I answer, naively, a somehow familiar beckoning from these painted worlds? The images align with strands of my aesthetic DNA. A timelessness of mood re-calls childhood. The rain and the light create an ontology.

They don't strike me as mere depictions of cityscapes and waterscapes. I detect a poet at work. Into the scenes is painted a complex emotion, and that discharge of sensibility is retrievable by the viewer. For me (am I only projecting?), a subtle melancholy and existential wonder emerge from the forms and colors.

I like these watercolors so very much.

I am going to look at these paintings until I become slowly, deeply, and gently unhinged.

An article about his work

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