Tuesday, August 30, 2011

an evening in Appalachia

This quaint town does not exist.
How perfect is that? So let's walk
and talk of how it is to be Southern.
I'm a stranger 'round these parts,
so I'm glad you are here with me.
Let's stroll these nightfallen streets,
outside of time and just within reach.
Mountains lean back and bring dark to dark.
The town is lit with eerie lanterns of fireflies.
Hawkers of trinkets and fablers of folk songs
laugh in the rough-sawn Shenandoah bazaar.
I have plenty of crumpled Confederate dollars,
so I'll buy you a piece of West Virginia coal –
consider it a diamond in the purity of potentia.
We speak the same language, a slurred gothic potion,
a twang of piney syllables, drawled out like dog yawns.
I could speak some fine gibberish as half-chortled words.
You would understand the subtext and flavors of wounding.
Let's drink some moonshine made of secrecy and dewfall.
We'll touch our mad fruit jars then walk in drunken circles.
We could dance a slow twist
on the train station platform,
while waiting for the smoke
of a lost gypsy locomotive.
They're smuggling Tom Waits
for a midnight music séance.
We'll present Libra tarot cards
as tickets to the magic table.
Later on, let's not say anything to frighten the owls.
Let's marvel at age gaps and the mystery of kinship
or simply burn time under great aching mountains.


  1. Did you live these hours? Tim, I have gorged myself on the images. I feel drunk and giddy.

    Dear God...may I? May I live a magic evening such as this? No? Whyever not? *sigh*. Oh.

  2. You make me smile. :)

    Sure you can have an evening like this. Just click your heels together and zoom into the beyond. That's what I did. ;)

  3. I threw those shoes out. Damn glitter was EVERYWHERE! I HATE glitter!!!!