Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Hatred That Resists Exorcism

A Hatred That Resists Exorcism

I must get my hands on both of the books mentioned in this NY Times piece. Already, there are hundreds of words I want to write. But this time, I'll be rather quiet. Maybe I'll write stuff after reading these two books.

I will say this: I am confirmed in my suspicion that anti-Semitism is most likely at the root of most verbal attacks on Israel today. Ostensibly, it is only attacks against Israeli governmental policy. But when I smell a skunk, I know there's usually one nearby. When I hear Israel called a "fascist, racist, Zionist state," I know what's what. The passion behind such outbursts has a dark and evil mischief behind it, even if the outburster is not aware of it. Israel is the only country in the world (as this article brings out) whose very existence is questioned. And not just by hysterical Islamicists. That is very telling.

Legitimate complaints can be made against the Israeli government. But when denouncement is decoupled from any wider historical context, when it is mute about persistent Arab atrocity against the Jews, well, that's when I know anti-Semitism is alive and well.

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