Saturday, March 25, 2017

amazing and wonderful

I've been a Doctor Strange fan since the Strange Tales comics of the 1960s. The artist Steve Ditko's pocket dimensions back then entranced me, suspended my teenage time, made me strange.

This movie is a quality envisioning, a marvelous homage:

Doctor Strange [Blu-ray]


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  2. I took my youngest to the theater to watch, and through some fluke, we had to purchase IMAX tickets. And so it was that I watched this through plastic glasses, sitting with her in the back of the theater. I would not have wanted to watch most films this way, but the shifting landscapes and the geometric shapes were playing their own role in the film, and I found myself imagined inside of them.

    Through perhaps some echoing resonance of archetypes within my psyche, the odd thought would not leave me that I knew Dr. Strange somehow, and I especially resonated with the idea of the malleability of time.