Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Prairie Song" -- a poem by Julie Shavin

I keep listening to this.

Even though I'm an American, this thing affects me with a certain exoticism. It's quietly freaky and compelling, panoramic and metaphysical, moody and bizarre. I hope it also freaks out my foreign readers, who experience the haunted breeze of its old-west quintessence.

Besides all that, I think this is a well-crafted poem, an actual poem. Such things are rare these days.


  1. It is an exquisite, soulful haunting.

  2. Hank's voice!!! Agreed? I have a feeling he could make ANYTHING amazing, but I appreciate your sharing this on your blog. I know that people from all over the world read it. (And I need to start commenting more...because your blog is one of the most incredible ones out there, in my opinion. Many thanks - and just - wow - Hank. Thank you both.

    1. Please someone close those parentheses for me. I can't seem to fix the comment.

  3. Tim - I'm not sure what you mean by "even though I'm also an American" - yes - we have much prairie out here in colorado (sorry about that; keyboard issues). I have this love/hate thing with the prairie. It both attracts me and scares (repels) me. It is so sere - daunting. I think, perhaps, that my poems about the prairie are better than the ones about the mountains. It's in the mountains I've spent most time.