Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

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  1. When did not your tears flow in all of our story,
    Oh ye Ukrainian women!
    When nomads harassed, when Princedom was in glory,
    In times of Cossacks, Poles, serfdom, Tatar forays,
    Your eyes were ever brimming!

    Oh, how many hearts in the breaking lamented,
    How many withered in horror!
    But some put their grief into words sad and tender
    And thus into songs that are deathless they rendered
    A thousand years of sorrow!

    So sad are your songs, my sisters, I listen
    And darkly ponder the question:
    How many heartbreaks and what wrongs not forgiven
    One song like that to fashion?

    --Ivan Franko