Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Her Eyes

Words & music copyright -- Tim Buck
All parts on this demo -- also me

Her Eyes

Breath arrested, my heart skipped a beat.
She was standing in a restaurant.
Could not take my eyes off that scene,
and I don't even know where it was.

I had to pinch myself to see if I were dreaming.
How could this happen right here, right now?
Why did she have to be so beautiful,
for crying out loud?

And those eyes, those eyes, those eyes.

Her picture is burned into my brain,
an image seared into my heart.
I'm wounded, but I welcome the pain.
It feels like a great work of art.

I want to hear her talk, hear her laugh, but
she's just standing in a mute photograph.

Her eyes are infinite, I think she even sees me.
Her eyes are beacons for secret harboring.
Her eyes are serious but also smiling.

I know she is far beyond me.
I would have melted right on the spot.
Had I been there, I'd have been spluttering
my wine in that restaurant.

But you can't take that picture from me.
I will hide it in my heart's treasure trove.
I'll pretend that shadow cross her brow means
she's sad that I love

those eyes, those eyes, those eyes.

That photo speaks of melancholy,
of something like tears behind her eyes,
of something deep, not to be
disturbed by a prying mind.

Nevertheless, I want to know how she thinks,
but she's just standing where that shutter blinked.

Her eyes are exquisite, they shine with dark mystery.
Her eyes are knowing, is she lookin' back at me?
Her eyes are not hurtful but I'm still hurting.


  1. "She's just standing where the shutter blinked."


    I love it Tim. You sing so passionately. You must be somewhat of an actor as well as a writer!

  2. Thanks, Annie!

    I think a singer is dull when he sings the same way in different songs. My daughter and I were discussing this very thing a week or so ago. How the spirit of a song's words and music should dictate a unique vocal approach (or role).

    I'm rather disappointed in this MP3 upload. The sound quality is awful -- squeezed and compressed, and even the tempo is draggy here. The original master has more space and clarity between the guitars, and is snappier.

    Again, thanks for listening and commenting.

  3. Yes, sometimes it's all in the eyes, isn't it?