Tuesday, April 19, 2011

do the bug

Small cockroach walking down
a wooden paint paddle ramp,
down into an empty dry bucket.

Now at the bottom Mr. Roach stares
at the blank white circular Kafka wall.
It's been said (now) that many shapes
make roaches dizzy, make them twitch,
bring on serious headaches and nerves.
So no paintings are hung in this gallery.
And no power-point displays on screens.
Mr. Roach is just sitting there, calmly.
Maybe philosophizing about pure form.
Roaches don't get hung up on details
or memory -- that is much too painful.
Instead, they wonder with antennae.

Or not...

Mr. Roach might be empty headed.
Hence Mr. Roach would be indifferent
to aesthetic mystery, his cousins dead,
the need for any kind of decisive plan.
He would simply sit and wait out time.

Or maybe Mr. Roach is shell-shocked.

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