Sunday, March 13, 2011


Allan Pettersson's Seventh Symphony --
I stumbled upon an unusual interlude,
lasting two minutes and five seconds,
just before timpani ushers in finale.

I saw you!

I felt you inside that interlude.
I will try my best to describe it.

The quality is like the oddest dream.
So deep that I only saw you vaguely.
A blurring into something metaphysical.
Or maybe not. Perhaps just a feeling.

A sincere speaking of woodwinds and strings
over gently pulsing, brooding ostinado basses.
What is being said about you? What is meant?
I feel you so definitely in this interlude of music.

This has very little to do with ancient lands
or sun-bleached rocks on azure seashores.
This is, I think, about a nearness, a knowing.
I can almost reach into music and touch you.
I mean...I can almost graze the spirit surface.
You are so serious, yet somehow calm there,
inside this evocation of quiet instruments.

God!...if I could find the words
to say how this is so much deeper
than my deepest, strangest dreams.
I stare into you for almost an eternity,
even as this peculiar interlude passes.

If you knew what I feel now...
well, there are simply no words.

Copyright 2011 -- Tim Buck

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