Wednesday, December 29, 2010

COLORS OF THE SEA (new song demo)

A fairly rough demo. Tossing it out there to see it has any sea legs.

Words & music 2010 -- Tim Buck
All tracks -- Tim Buck

Colors of the Sea

Who knew there could be someone like you?
Who could have guessed you would really exist?
I have a fantastical imagination
But I was stunned when you emerged from mist.

That mist was made of many thousand miles
and many pieces of moonlight beguiling.
That lunar sphere hovers inside my head.
I see what it does to the waves where you're smiling.

You write in profound and complete sentences.
You write to me, each word is a treasure.
How could I deserve your glance of friendship,
a mystery beyond earthly measure?

I want to sit with you for just one hour,
float in the current of your special power.
By candle light on a terrace I'll breathe,
then I'll wade into the colors of the sea.
I'll disappear into the colors of the sea.

Time is such a capricious thing.
Upon a dream, it turns outside-in.
And this shipwreck came alive down in fathoms
to a chorus of Neptune's Nereids singing.

Liquid emotions swirl amid fishes
with fins that slice a preposterous volume.
I come up for air, grateful you simply know me,
but it's my nature for things to go solemn.

I want listen to what your eyes impart,
hear what you feel when you speak of the arts.
Perhaps touch your hand in warm breeze,
then I'll return to the colors of the sea.
I'll dissolve into the colors of the sea.


  1. I like the instrumentation a lot. The over all effect of the song is enjoyable and very listenable. The lyrics seem a little awkward in places--don't seem to flow as nicely as they might. The vocal is nice, but maybe the reverb or whatever it is distracts a bit.
    All in all, it's catchy and nice to listen to--I think it has a lot of potential.

    For as long as you've been blogging and as often as you post I'm surprised that you don't have more followers. Well, now you have another. Hope you will check out my blog as well. There are a lot of folks in my blog commmunity who might enjoy what you're doing here.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Hi Lee,

    Sorry I'm late getting back to you. Recovering from the flu.

    Thanks so much for listening and commenting. I was impatient with this song. I didn't practice the vocals. This is a first take. It might be the case that the lyrics could be streamlined a bit, but I think the main thing is that they could be sung smoother with more practice. :)

    I'm not sure how to attract more followers here. Actually, this blog is more like a backup for my Facebook notes. In case FB ever glitches out, and I lose everything there. I'll certainly check out your blog.