Sunday, April 25, 2010

JASMINE (a song by the Gothic Rangers)

[me & Robin]

Who is that walking through my pine trees?
Who is that walking with a hitch?
Is that the girl who put such a spell on me
That I don’t know if I’m between or betwixt?

Somebody said she is a mystery orphan
Someone said she was found in the grotto
They said she was reared by that old blind hexer man
Sporting a white top hat and a threadbare red tuxedo

Jasmine -- she is not ordinary
Jasmine -- she limped right into my heart
I’ve heard it said she was conceived while the stars were contrary
And I’m convinced she knows the subtle arts

I wonder if that ole Lou Cypher would grant permission
I wonder if he would let me call on Jasmine
You see, I am entranced by that girl’s imperfection
She conjures taboo freedom with that bewitching rhythm

Oh, mercy, he smiled on my request
Oh, mercy, tonight I’ll bring her a black rose
If I can find that path again through thick darkness
If I can find the nerve to knock on her door

Jasmine – she is extraordinary
Jasmine – walks with a bent hickory cane
I’ve heard the mean laughter down at the Ouachita ferry
But they don’t know that fairies halo the lame

words & music by Robert T. Buck


  1. Wow! This is the unique, quintessential Gothic Rangers voice, sound, and humane theme at its magnificent best . . . . Bravo!

  2. Oh, yeah! It's like--I searched for someone who could say what I can't (not having abided in those parts)--but I know Andrei Cadrescu has--

    “There is a velvety sensuality here at the mouth of the Mississippi that you won't find anywhere else. Tell me what the air feels like at 3 A.M. on a Thursday night in August in Shaker Heights and I bet you won't be able to say because nobody stays up that late. But in New Orleans, I tell you, it's ink and honey passed through silver moonlight.”
    ― Andrei Codrescu

    “Nostalgia is masochism and masochism is something masochists love to share.”
    ― Andrei Codrescu

    Hah! You are definitely "tetched"! (Takes one to know.)