Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I wish... camera batteries were not "too low to take a picture."

In my utility room, there is a 3' x 6' sliding window. It has single-strength glass, so this morning -- in this frigid weather -- layers of the night's condensation have frosted over on the inside panes. And nature has wrought a beautiful, delicate creation.

Leaves, branches, spiny foliage, filigrees...foggy space in-between the structures...

A strange fairy world. Strange because none of these crystal growths exactly resemble nature's vegetative eruptions. The picture before me pulsates with an alien enchantment. It draws me into it the more because it is ontologically askew.

For rapt moments, I move through luxurious fractal shapes. Into those gauzy spaces between the etched, odd, elvish flora. For a brief time, I'm relieved of thinking and feeling. A boon of subtly layered ice-impasto on a canvas of glass.

I wish I could take a picture, so you could see it.

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