Sunday, August 9, 2009

I dreamed the other night...

...that I was standing in the middle of the gravel road in front of my house out here in cotton field hell. I was holding a Winchester rifle for no good reason. A weasel jumped out of a bush in my yard and pounced on a lethal snake. The snake's head swelled up like that Dali guy's Sebelius-looking head in the 1937 painting Sleep. Then it turned into a half-cow , half-anaconda -- a scrunched-up, rubbery-looking creature that went scampering down the road on prissy legs and hooves. Also had an embarrassed demeanor on its glancing-back-at-me face.

As that horrible prodigy moved on, from the same direction comes a man-eating black panther (leopard?...hell, I can't remember, and this was a dream anyway, so who cares). It approached me with deadly intent. And I remembered why I was holding that ridiculous Winchester. Beast came within a few feet of me, golden eyes menacing and aflame. It even cocked its head to mock me, as it bared its teeth. I cocked the lever-action rifle and stuck the end of the barrel against its head. "Click." No shot. Damn thing was out of bullets.

So as the panther circled me, I turned and kept poking it in the head and in the side with my gun barrel. Just trying to keep it at bay. I woke up.


  1. Was there an eland in the bed with you? That woulda been cool.

    It seems you are beset with monsters. The way to overcome fear is to be brave. And the way to be brave is to be stupid and not care.

    So your course is clear. Storm the machine-gun nest!

  2. No eland. That would have been cool and horny.

    Yeah! I'll act like it's *Hell is for Heroes" and Steve McQueen-em to death.

  3. Monsters seem to be your constant companions, even aliens .. maybe it is time to analyze your dreams.. Waiting for the day when the eroticism will rock the Buck house.. :)

    Why don't I get the monster dreams :( not fair

  4. You're way too sweet to get monster dreams.

    About analyzing my dreams:

    have you ever gone to the dentist with a badly infected tooth...and when the drill punches through to the corruption...even the mask-wearing dentist and assistant are rocked back on their heels and can't prevent an "ugh" from escaping their a fume from hell engulfs the room?